The recent passing of Earth Day reminds everyone of how important recycling is. This year, however, unique and talented artists have brought a whole new concept of re-using, by turning people’s trash into treasure.

As a continuation of Glad’s “The Wild Life” campaign, the brand has partnered with acclaimed mosaic artist, Jason Mecier to turn celebrity trash into pieces of art. “The Wild Life” campaign was developed to represent that no matter how wild life gets, cleanup is in the bag. And, now Glad is going beyond that to say, cleanup is in art.

Mecier developed 4 unique works of art from celebrity donations and the Great American Cleanup event by Keep America Beautiful (KAB). Amongst those celebrities who graciously offered their scraps were Amy Stewart, Lauren Conrad, Nathan Kress, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Jesse Eisenberg.

Upon completion, each of the art pieces were auctioned on eBay from April 16th to 26th to support KAB’s Great American Cleanup event.

Mecier isn’t’ the only artist who supports the vision of re-using plastics as art in order to avoid them from going to landfills. As a part of an Earth Day tribute, Brookfield Properties commissioned artist, Katherine Harvey to build a chandelier made out of recyclable materials to be placed on top of the marble staircase located in New York City’s World Financial Center Winter Garden. The chandelier will be located there until May 11th.

The 21 foot tall and 15 foot wide chandelier is built out of trash collected from the building’s users including water bottles, take-out boxes, egg cartons and plastic containers, all of which would have otherwise been eventually ended up into landfills. Harvey designed the art to showcase that there is a need for a stronger recycling program in order to ensure that plastic does not end up in the landfills.

Both Harvey and Mecier’s environmentally friendly art masterpieces are meant to showcase the opportunity of upcycling and inspire citizens to take measures in trying to reduce waste, art being just one of many solutions.