Toyota recently announced its new G-Station electric vehicle charging systems that will launch in July this year in Japan. The system uses RFID technology to allow contact-less smart card recognition and is networked to Toyota’s own Smart Center smart grid platform using cloud computer technology.

Once pre-registered users will be able to set up charge time and start charging their EVs remotely. The product is open to work with any EV currently on the market and not just limited to Toyota’s own models. Two different versions of G-Station have been released, a standard and an advanced model.

Owners can check a range of information remotely regarding their EV including history of use, award points, operating condition of the G-Station, and even predicted costs related to upkeep based on number and length of time used.

Toyota claims that the standard model is set to be the most affordable charger with remote capabilities on the market. The systems are set to be priced at around ¥280,00 ($3,450) and ¥448,000 ($5,550) respectively. As well as for personal use in homes the units are expected to be introduced to supermarkets, restaurants or other popular complexes around cities.

With recent power problems in Japan, being able to control when owners charge their cars to avoid peak time demands is a great idea that is not only convenient but would help in avoiding threatened blackouts. In fact remote access charging for any portable electrical device would allow more efficient energy use across the board.