October was a busy month for us here at CScout, and it seems our readers were busy, too. Here are our most popular articles from October:

  1. Uncovering the Real “Cool Japan,” Part I: Why monozukuri is the key to understanding design in Japan.
  2. Fashion Meets Function with Wipe T-Shirt: An intuitive response to using your clothes to help keep your devices clean
  3. Nissin Cup Noodle Museum Opens: A major new designer showroom space in Yokohama lets you get interactive with instant noodles in a very fun way
  4. Using Robots to Sell Luxury: A temporary exhibition in a high-end jewelry store uses technology to enhance luxury
  5. New Frontiers in Music Video: New technologies are redefining the music video

Stay tuned for the continuing series on the Real “Cool Japan,” updates from India, and more this month!