CScout-Tide-Dry-Cleaners-Drive-InLiving in New York, it’s easy to get caught up in the constant stream of trendy boutiques and local shops. However, a relatively new franchise out of Kansas and Ohio serves as a reminder that innovation can come from anywhere. Procter & Gamble has been expanding their Tide line of detergents into Tide Dry Cleaners, providing a new revenue stream while making life easier for consumers. The stores offer drive-through service,  same-day alterations, and, perhaps most importantly, digital lockers so that customers can pick up and drop off laundry whenever it’s most convenient for them. In addition, the company is partnering with the non-profit organization Dress for Success to provide disadvantaged women with professional clothes.

Part of the motivation to create this brand extension came from P&G’s research into GreenEarth, a more environmentally friendly alternative to the chemicals typically used in dry cleaning. So when P&G’s internal business incubator, FutureWorks, started developing franchise opportunities for its brands, GreenEarth and Tide seemed like a natural fit. The first company-owned stores opened in 2008 and have since expanded; the first franchise store just opened in Liberty Township, Ohio. And not only has P&G extended their brand, they’re expanding their network—the company has approached retired employees with the opportunity to open a franchise.

Between its convenience factor, its socially responsible brand promises, and its efforts to connect with owners already familiar with the company, P&G is demonstrating that large multi-nationals can be just as innovative as small companies in trend hotspots.