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Consumers and Their Consciences: Shop Your Values Week
shop your values week advertisement pavement ad
With the end of Shop Your Values week, we look at a growing trend in consumer behavior

Shop Your Values week, which wrapped up yesterday, has brought attention to the concept of conscious consumerism. The event, spearheaded by Ethikus, provided incentives Read More »

The Psychology Behind “Pay-What-You-Want”
PWYW-Its Up to You (Featured)
New study finds pay-want-you-want pricing model works on the basis of "feeling good about ourselves."

A new study released this week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences sought to “investigate the role of identity and self-image consideration under Read More »

Dominos says No, while the People want Yes!
Dominos' recent "No" campaign goes against current consumer trends and may backfire on its previously successful campaigns.

From a company that recently relied on consumer insights and criticism to successfully reinvent and improve their pizza, Dominos Pizza is now taking a Read More »

Crossing the “God Gulf”
Respect Symbols
Despite political rhetoric saying the opposite, the War on Religion might be turning into mutual respect on both sides

If Rick Santorum, candidate for the U.S. Republican presidential nomination, has brought anything to the forefront during his time in the spotlight, it is Read More »

To Promote Sustainability, Brands Must Commit
Marketing sustainability efforts is difficult, but can yield high rewards

While this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards featured plenty of exciting water-cooler moments—from finding out or telling someone who Bon Iver is to whatever Lady Read More »

Twitter Removing Content but Increasing Transparency
Governments and online services compromise on information and control

The Internet has given more people more access to information than ever before—a fact that concerns governments around the world. European nations are censoring Read More »

Crowdfunding Poised to Redefine Brand Ownership
Changes in legislation will affect brands, banks, and investors

Do your customers love your brand so much that they’re willing to invest in it? Back in 2009, that’s exactly what Michael Migliozzi II Read More »

The Three Rules for Corporate Transparency
Letter from Netflix CEO shows how important clear communication is for customers
Letter from Netflix CEO shows how important clear communication is for customers

According to the recent “Edelman 2011 Trust Barometer” transparency is at the top of the most important factors leading to trust in businesses. Being open Read More »

Does “Local” Preclude National Reach?
Brooklyn Salsa Title
Brands struggle to balance customers' desire for local with the need for an expanded presence, and vice versa

Today’s prevailing economic model, in which companies sell highly standardized goods to the mass market, has been undeniably successful. Multiple steps in the production Read More »

Insights from India: The Anti-Corruption Movement and Youth
India Anti Corruption Protest
Irrespective of political affiliations, students are in favor of the cause espoused by Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign

Anna Hazare, widely known as the last Gandhian, who forced the federal government to agree to introduce stringent anti-graft legislation, has become a rallying Read More »