Trend: Simplicity
The Internet Paradox: Loneliness and You
adidas in the rabbit hole art communication barriers
How people are trying to bridge the loneliness gap

In one of the great ironies of life, the advent of the Internet, with all its social connectivity and instant gratification, also brought with Read More »

Start Ups, Campaigns Take a Second Look at SMS
Texting Rebound
Texting remains relevant for the majority of mobile users

“Merry Christmas” may not be the most inventive holiday greeting, but when the 22-year old Neil Papworth typed them into a computer and sent Read More »

Uncovering The Real Cool Japan- Part 3
From Bowie's Ziggy Stardust costumes to Yohji Yamomoto's influential designs, Japanese fashion is the real "Cool Japan"

In the last few weeks, we have been exploring different topics that are aimed at revealing the true uniqueness that is Japan. While currently Read More »

Uncovering The Real “Cool Japan”- Part 2
Second in the five part series exploring the real "Cool Japan", looking this time at Japanese Architecture

Last week we discussed how Japan needs a helping hand when it comes to boosting the image of “Brand Japan” to the West. Unfortunately, Read More »

Uncovering The Real “Cool Japan” – Part One
A five-part series that explores just what it is that makes the country so unique

When crusty bureaucrats intervene with campaigns that are aimed at highlighting the cool side of a country to encourage tourism, it’s rarely a pretty Read More »

Adapting Soviet-Era Nostalgia for Modern Consumers
Ukraine Soviet Nostalgia
Ukrainians seek out nostalgic design combined with modern convenience

The more technological and the spread of information speeds up, the more people look back towards the “good ole’ days”—a sentiment as common in Read More »

my MUJI Community Site Spreads Minimalist Brand Love
The famously no-frills functionalist brand opens up a new online community inside its e-commerce operations

Muji has had online shopping for some time now but little in the way of a prominent social media presence. Rather than suddenly stepping Read More »

Dekalb Market Highlights Development in Downtown Brooklyn
Dekalb market Brooklyn
The new shipping container market raises questions about urban identity and shared spaces
The new shipping container market raises questions about urban identity and shared spaces

This past weekend, we visited Dekalb Market, the first shipping container market in the US, and even we were impressed by its concentrated trendiness. Read More »