Trend: Power Shifting
Cutting the Cable: No Going Back
Cutting the Cable Part 3
Substantial savings and access to great content: the streaming experiment is a success

While our digital streaming experiment has gone well over the past month (see Part 1 and Part 2), we’ve held off cutting the cable—or, Read More »

Cutting the Cable: Active Versus Passive Viewing
Cutting the Cable Static
The second part in our series on switching to streaming

Last week, my roommate and I made decision to cut our cable and rely on our newly purchased Roku for streamed content. Unfortunately, a Read More »

Cutting the Cable: Experimenting with Switching to Streaming
Cable Cutting CScout
A personal account of the decision-making process

It’s no secret that American consumers have been dropping their cable subscriptions—pay TV providers suffered their worst decline ever in Q2 2011—in favor of Read More »

Disappearing Logos and the Future of Branding
Fluevog QR Logo
Luxury brands' use of QR codes calls into question the meaning of logos in a digital world

Few industries are as attuned to evolving consumer trends as fashion. Millions of dollars are spent every year in order to promote brands and Read More »

TV Makes Recommendations Based on Viewer Interest
NHK News
NHK brings new ways for browsing channels and TV content intuitively and automatically with user feedback and facial recognition

NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories has developed a new kind of television technology and experience where a TV presents programs or information displays Read More »

Realtime Audience Responses Posted On Live TV Drama
Piece Vote Homepage
Japanese TV drama allows for user comments to be displayed and shared on the screen in real time.

A Japanese television broadcaster will take audience reactions to a program and post them on screen in almost real-time. Nihon Terebi’s (NTV) “Piece Vote” Read More »

Tokyo Subway Creates Radio Station Passenger App
Listen Tokyo Wonderground
New app allows people riding on subway trains to listen to exciting new content every day on their smartphones

Tokyo Metro, the main subway operator in Tokyo, has teamed up with local radio station Tokyo FM to offer its passengers new entertainment content Read More »

Five Great Location-Based Messaging Apps
Location-Based Messaging apps are a great way to meet like-minded people and find relevant information where you are

Here are some of our favorites: 1. Yobongo iPhone App Yobongo is an iPhone app that serendipitously connects nearby strangers in chatroom-like environments. When you Read More »

Made-for-Mobile Educational Materials Launching in Africa
SusDeViki Mobile Education
Fast, accessible information for subsistence farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries

A team of researchers at the University of Illinois are developing the Sustainable Development Virtual Knowledge Interface (SusDeVikI), the focus of which is to Read More »

Five Favorites from CES 2011
CES 2011 Center Hall
Connected gadgets, haptic technology, and other goodies from the Consumer Electronics Show
Connected gadgets, haptic technology, and other goodies from the Consumer Electronics Show

The buzz may have died down, but we’re still excited about all the new gadgets we saw on our recent visit to CES 2011 Read More »