Trend: New Living Situations
All the Single Ladies (and Gentlemen)
Despite global economic struggles, more people are choosing to live alone, creating an entirely new social structure

Of all the trends we keep an eye on, this one hits closest to home: more and more people are choosing to live alone Read More »

Appealing to Millennials and Their Kids
Millennials and Children Coffee Shop
Generation Y is starting new families imbued with their own style and values

The Occupy Wall Street movement that began last year often touted its diversity, from disillusioned 20 year olds up to retired seniors. But there Read More »

Luxury Pet Purchases Reflect Changes in the “Family”
Pampered Pets
People are increasingly treating dogs like family

A recent video on “bark” mitzvahs—in which owners throw their canine a party for the second birthday—has attracted the attention (and scorn) of viewers Read More »

Uncovering The Real “Cool Japan”- Part 2
Second in the five part series exploring the real "Cool Japan", looking this time at Japanese Architecture

Last week we discussed how Japan needs a helping hand when it comes to boosting the image of “Brand Japan” to the West. Unfortunately, Read More »

Aging Populations and the Need for New Technology
Japanese consumers turn to digital devices to help keep seniors safe
Japanese consumers turn to digital devices to help keep seniors safe

Japanese cellphones and mobile devices for seniors are nothing new; in fact it’s a key market among a population that is rapidly aging. Major Read More »

Japanese Pet Culture Inspires Technological Innovation
Digital devices let Japanese owners communicate with, and show off, their pets

A large and visible section of Japan’s pet industry overtly focuses on a style that could be termed “cute” or kawaii. From elaborate clothing, Read More »

Hilton Launches iPad Wedding Service
iPad Wedding Hilton
The hotel chain has a new streaming service for remote guests at a ceremony

The Hilton Group announced a new feature for its wedding services starting this January. The hotel will offer iPads to ceremony guests who cannot Read More »