Trend: Localnomics
Think Local, Drink Global: Beer Brands Go Native
Heineken Local vs. Global
Brewers show how even international companies can capitalize on the "buy local" trend

Consumers’ desire to bolster their local economy, as well as concern about environmental impact, have led to a resurgence in “buying local.”  Unfortunately for Read More »

Consumers and Their Consciences: Shop Your Values Week
shop your values week advertisement pavement ad
With the end of Shop Your Values week, we look at a growing trend in consumer behavior

Shop Your Values week, which wrapped up yesterday, has brought attention to the concept of conscious consumerism. The event, spearheaded by Ethikus, provided incentives Read More »

“Made in USA” Could It Be?
A new Personal Care, Health and Beauty Park developed in New Albany, OH develops a concept to help the U.S. compete with Asia

For those of you who are waiting to read “Made in USA” labels on everything you buy, keep a look out because some new Read More »

Appealing to Millennials and Their Kids
Millennials and Children Coffee Shop
Generation Y is starting new families imbued with their own style and values

The Occupy Wall Street movement that began last year often touted its diversity, from disillusioned 20 year olds up to retired seniors. But there Read More »

American Manufacturing Dominates the Super Bowl Airwaves
GE Super Bowl Ad still 2012 1
With several Super Bowl commercials heavily featuring images and dialogue based on manufacturing, the American cultural moment is more caught-up in nationalism and job-creation than ever before.

The 2011 Super Bowl was the most-watched program in American television history, and 2012′s is primed to break the record with legal streaming to Read More »

Stewards of the Environment Embedded in the Community
REI's relationship with the local community can serve as a role model for other companies

When you think of a national chain with 122 retail stores and $1.66 billion in sales, you probably don’t associate it with the words Read More »

Crowdfunding Poised to Redefine Brand Ownership
Changes in legislation will affect brands, banks, and investors

Do your customers love your brand so much that they’re willing to invest in it? Back in 2009, that’s exactly what Michael Migliozzi II Read More »

Reaffirming Mexican Identity in an Age of Globalization
Mescal Bar Mexico
Renewed interest in mescal demonstrates the desire to celebrate and distinguish Mexican culture

Whatever its merits and drawbacks, globalization has undeniably increased the uniformity between what were once distinct cultures. However, some societies are now starting to Read More »

Adapting Soviet-Era Nostalgia for Modern Consumers
Ukraine Soviet Nostalgia
Ukrainians seek out nostalgic design combined with modern convenience

The more technological and the spread of information speeds up, the more people look back towards the “good ole’ days”—a sentiment as common in Read More »

Does “Local” Preclude National Reach?
Brooklyn Salsa Title
Brands struggle to balance customers' desire for local with the need for an expanded presence, and vice versa

Today’s prevailing economic model, in which companies sell highly standardized goods to the mass market, has been undeniably successful. Multiple steps in the production Read More »