Trend: Individualism
Journalists Be Warned: Robots are Coming For Your Job
Robot Journalist-Featured
Narrative Science, an automated algorithm that curates data and writes an article, is another step in normalizing robots

In Futurama, a cartoon set 1000 years in the future, robots are common sights, performing a multitude of tasks, while also providing a lot Read More »

Crossing the “God Gulf”
Respect Symbols
Despite political rhetoric saying the opposite, the War on Religion might be turning into mutual respect on both sides

If Rick Santorum, candidate for the U.S. Republican presidential nomination, has brought anything to the forefront during his time in the spotlight, it is Read More »

All the Single Ladies (and Gentlemen)
Despite global economic struggles, more people are choosing to live alone, creating an entirely new social structure

Of all the trends we keep an eye on, this one hits closest to home: more and more people are choosing to live alone Read More »

Five Rules for Companies Navigating the Pinsanity
Understanding and appreciating your audience is key to encouraging fans to share your content

Since Google Double Click’s announcement that Pinterest was the fastest website in history to reach the 10 million viewers a month threshold, businesses have Read More »

Is “Open Journalism” the Future of News?
Open Journalism
With newspapers struggling to stay relevant in the digital age, UK's The Guardian proposes a more open style of reporting

On Leap Day last week, UK’s The Guardian, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, announced their new Open Journalism initiative with a rather intense, Read More »

Crowdfunding: Not Just for New Entrants
Double Fine Kickstarter
Double Fine Adventure's Kickstarter success shows the power of crowd-sourcing, & shift away from traditional business models

The average project on Kickstarter—a crowdsourcing site where donors can support new business or arts projects—usually sets out to raise less than $10,000. But Read More »

How Facebook Wants You to Write “Your Story”
Facebook Timeline
With the introduction of Facebook timeline, a new emphasis is being placed on writing “your story,” from beginning to end

Facebook is rolling out another mandatory design change in the coming weeks in the form of Timeline. This will dramatically change the presentation of Read More »

TV Makes Recommendations Based on Viewer Interest
NHK News
NHK brings new ways for browsing channels and TV content intuitively and automatically with user feedback and facial recognition

NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories has developed a new kind of television technology and experience where a TV presents programs or information displays Read More »

Eligible Indians Make Their Own Matches
Single Life Bangalore Title
A new dating service is giving young professionals more control of their love lives

If you’re in Bangalore, single and are looking for a social circle that doesn’t involve married friends, here’s a great new place to hang Read More »

Mitsubishi Junior Design Award 2011
The very best of young Japanese designers submit their works to an undergraduate design award.

The 2011 Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Design Award winners were announced earlier this month, and feature some of the most promising and cutting edge ideas Read More »