Trend: Human Tech
An Education: Changing the Way We Learn
The bleeding edge of continuous education.

Our educational lifecycle is changing, for the better. Once upon a time, education was a very terminal thing. School was a fact of life. Read More »

Journalists Be Warned: Robots are Coming For Your Job
Robot Journalist-Featured
Narrative Science, an automated algorithm that curates data and writes an article, is another step in normalizing robots

In Futurama, a cartoon set 1000 years in the future, robots are common sights, performing a multitude of tasks, while also providing a lot Read More »

How Facebook Wants You to Write “Your Story”
Facebook Timeline
With the introduction of Facebook timeline, a new emphasis is being placed on writing “your story,” from beginning to end

Facebook is rolling out another mandatory design change in the coming weeks in the form of Timeline. This will dramatically change the presentation of Read More »

TV Makes Recommendations Based on Viewer Interest
NHK News
NHK brings new ways for browsing channels and TV content intuitively and automatically with user feedback and facial recognition

NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories has developed a new kind of television technology and experience where a TV presents programs or information displays Read More »

Robotic Guide Dog Leads The Way
Japanese technology company have developed a robotic guide dog that can even climb stairs.

Japanese technology manufacturer NSK have come up with a new concept aimed at helping the blind, a robotic guide dog. On display at this Read More »

Shaping Mobile Life at CeBIT 2012
CODE_n12 Competition Title
Developers, start-ups and more compete to display their innovations on an international stage

At CScout, we’re always on the look out for the latest innovations in mobile and technology, like RFID tags that help prevent deforestation or Read More »

Japan Unveils World’s First Spherical Drone
Japan Spherical Drone
Japan's Ministry of Defense unveil Star Wars like flying sphere

A cross between something out of Star Wars and a UFO conspiracy theory video, Japan’s Ministry of Defense have recently unveiled their imaginatively titled Read More »

Siri and the Dawning Age of Artificial Intelligence
Siri - Rosie the Robot - Personal Assistant
Ubiquitous AI will aid consumers and the brands that target them

With the inclusion of the personal assistant, Siri, in the newly launched iPhone 4S, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured the interest of smartphone users. Read More »

Using Robots to Sell Luxury
A temporary exhibition in a high-end jewelry store uses technology to enhance luxury
A temporary exhibition in a high-end jewelry store uses technology to enhance luxury

Robots tend to be the domain of tech geeks or sci-fi fans, but it seems that they can be luxury showroom models too. That’s Read More »

Panasonic Digital Mirror For Patient Training and Rehab
Panasonic Digital Mirror
Better levels of interaction and feedback in new technology that goes beyond being a mere "tool"

Panasonic has developed an interactive rehabilitation device to help patients train by themselves. The Digital Mirror has been showcased at expos in both September Read More »