Trend: Globalization
Reverse Innovation on the Rise
Brands test different strategies to maintain and grow market share in a struggling economy

More than 10 years ago, we learned from C.K. Prahalad that a fortune lies on the bottom on the pyramid: the world’s emerging middle Read More »

Finding a Market for Failures
feature picture
If at first you don't succeed, try, try somewhere else

Last week, Google Africa launched its Gmail SMS service, which allows users to receive email directly to their phone. If you have a smartphone, Read More »

Think Local, Drink Global: Beer Brands Go Native
Heineken Local vs. Global
Brewers show how even international companies can capitalize on the "buy local" trend

Consumers’ desire to bolster their local economy, as well as concern about environmental impact, have led to a resurgence in “buying local.”  Unfortunately for Read More »

Mandalah NYC CEO to Speak at World Future Trends Summit
Mandalah's Florian Peter to speak at World Future Trends Summit
Florian Peter invited to present "Conscious Innovation"

While many of our readers currently have their mind on summer vacations, we’re already planning for the fall: Mandalah NYC’s CEO, Florian Peter, has Read More »

Crossing the “God Gulf”
Respect Symbols
Despite political rhetoric saying the opposite, the War on Religion might be turning into mutual respect on both sides

If Rick Santorum, candidate for the U.S. Republican presidential nomination, has brought anything to the forefront during his time in the spotlight, it is Read More »

“Made in USA” Could It Be?
A new Personal Care, Health and Beauty Park developed in New Albany, OH develops a concept to help the U.S. compete with Asia

For those of you who are waiting to read “Made in USA” labels on everything you buy, keep a look out because some new Read More »

Uncovering The Real Cool Japan- Part 3
From Bowie's Ziggy Stardust costumes to Yohji Yamomoto's influential designs, Japanese fashion is the real "Cool Japan"

In the last few weeks, we have been exploring different topics that are aimed at revealing the true uniqueness that is Japan. While currently Read More »

The Dangers of Importing Local Traditions
Tomatina Fail
Failure to adapt to local sensitivities dooms an Indian version of Spain's La Tomatina
Failure to adapt to local sensitivities dooms an Indian version of Spain's La Tomatina

To me, India is not one country but a “theme & ideology” under which many countries stay together. The demography, psychography, and even economy Read More »

Reaffirming Mexican Identity in an Age of Globalization
Mescal Bar Mexico
Renewed interest in mescal demonstrates the desire to celebrate and distinguish Mexican culture

Whatever its merits and drawbacks, globalization has undeniably increased the uniformity between what were once distinct cultures. However, some societies are now starting to Read More »

Traditional Mexican Culture and the New Kitsch
Mexico Kitsch Bag
A new monthly feature on trends from our office in Mexico City
A new monthly feature on trends from our office in Mexico City

Cultural contrast has always been part of the Mexican DNA: social groups have constantly swapped icons and expressions, making the reinterpretation of popular icons Read More »