Trend: Eco-Value Chain
Food bans: The solution to a healthier society?
Soda ban
Governments, companies, and individuals struggle to confront the obesity crisis

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has stirred up more controversy with a recent proposal banning sodas over 16 ounces. The reasoning behind the Read More »

Consumers and Their Consciences: Shop Your Values Week
shop your values week advertisement pavement ad
With the end of Shop Your Values week, we look at a growing trend in consumer behavior

Shop Your Values week, which wrapped up yesterday, has brought attention to the concept of conscious consumerism. The event, spearheaded by Ethikus, provided incentives Read More »

“Made in USA” Could It Be?
A new Personal Care, Health and Beauty Park developed in New Albany, OH develops a concept to help the U.S. compete with Asia

For those of you who are waiting to read “Made in USA” labels on everything you buy, keep a look out because some new Read More »

Charging the Electric Car Market
Charging Station Wide
With massive financial loses in the electric car industry, there may still be hope for their future

March has brought beautiful spring weather to most of the United States, but electric car manufacturers have only gotten bad news. GM announced it was Read More »

To Promote Sustainability, Brands Must Commit
Marketing sustainability efforts is difficult, but can yield high rewards

While this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards featured plenty of exciting water-cooler moments—from finding out or telling someone who Bon Iver is to whatever Lady Read More »

RFID Tags In Trees Prevent Illegal Deforestation
RFID Amazon Trees
New application of RFID technology allows for remote monitoring of Brazilian forests

Electronic tags are being used to combat deforestation in Mato Grosso, Brazil. A pilot project, developed by Instituto Ação Verde (Green Action Institute), has implanted RFID Read More »

Promoting, Not Preaching, Sustainability with Games
Nissan's Planet Zero educates while establishing the brand as environmentally conscious

While most cars are still associated with pollution, Nissan is promoting its zero emission image through a new PR educational website called The Planet Read More »

Update to Docomo Bike Sharing Service
Bike Sharing in Japan
Japanese mobile phone company Docomo launches bike rental scheme around Tokyo.

Japanese mobile service provider Docomo announced an update to their bike sharing scheme at the recent Wireless Japan exhibition. Earlier in the year the Read More »