Brands have teamed up with famous individual designers or other brands for a while now, but Swedish retailer H&M taken this trend a step further by developing a clothing line for the book and movie Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The line was launched with a pop-up shop in the Meatpacking district in NYC, open only from December 14th to the 18th, 2011. This cross-promotion also refers back to the brands’ Swedish origins and celebrates a cultural path with an unconventional theme and attitude.
Dragon Tattoo H&M Meatpacking ShopThe pop-up store was well-executed, with details such as dimmed lighting from street lights indoors, clothing hanging from chains in the ceiling, and posters and graffiti on walls. Mannequins held iPads that were playing the preview of the new movie, and as you got closer to the mannequin, the iPad would switch to camera mode so you can see yourself.

H&M Dragon TattooIntegrating brands and cultural events is a promising trend that benefits everyone involved, and is ideal for customers who are open to identifying with popular characters or social movements. We fully expect to see more of these cross-promotional activities as brands look to integrate themselves further into their customers’ lifestyle.