While walking around SoHo this afternoon, we noted that a someone had pitched a tent on what is usually a vacant dirt lot. A new OWS encampment? Nope: a pop-up shop for the retailer Aether. With pop-up shops being so, well, popular, we’re a bit surprised we haven’t seen such a literal variation on the theme until now.

Pop Up Tent NYC

Aside from being eye-catching, this design is a natural fit as the company sells sportswear and outdoor gear. The interior has been well-appointed and feels more like a classy ski lodge than a rugged campsite. A trailer, complete with a fireplace, is attached to the tent, making it substantially larger than anticipated, not to mention turning it into an inviting place to linger.

Pop Up Tent Inside

With the holidays around the corner, we’ll be looking for more innovative retail environments around the city… and possibly stopping by the fireplace to warm up on the way.