Nike and Mandalah in Rio de Janeiro
A True Story of Real Brand Engagement
Excerpts from a case study on how Mandalah and Nike are bringing sport to Rio de Janeiro
The Psychology Behind “Pay-What-You-Want”
PWYW-Its Up to You (Featured)
New study finds pay-want-you-want pricing model works on the basis of "feeling good about ourselves."

A new study released this week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences sought to “investigate the role of identity and self-image consideration under Read More »

Mandalah CEO Published in Focus Yearbook 2012
Our very own Florian Peter has been published in FOCUS Jahrbuch 2012.

Florian Peter’s collaboration Trend-based Innovation – Leveraging Trend Analysis and Foresight for Innovation Development has been featured in this year’s Focus Yearbook.  The FOCUS Jahrbuch is Read More »

Experiential Ideation
post tom moore
Tom Moore from Mandalah São Paulo shows how “Experiential Ideation” can enrich collaboration and ideation processes within innovation.

All of you know the story.  Archimedes observed that the water level rose when he got into the bath.  He understood that the increase Read More »

Journalists Be Warned: Robots are Coming For Your Job
Robot Journalist-Featured
Narrative Science, an automated algorithm that curates data and writes an article, is another step in normalizing robots

In Futurama, a cartoon set 1000 years in the future, robots are common sights, performing a multitude of tasks, while also providing a lot Read More »

Dominos says No, while the People want Yes!
Dominos' recent "No" campaign goes against current consumer trends and may backfire on its previously successful campaigns.

From a company that recently relied on consumer insights and criticism to successfully reinvent and improve their pizza, Dominos Pizza is now taking a Read More »

Agents of trend: The curious properties of Co-ops
Co-ops are leading the way to a more social future, with help from the UN. Here's why.

The UN has declared 2012 the “International year of the Co-op”, heralding the beginning of a global focus on social-based business models- and rightfully Read More »

Crossing the “God Gulf”
Respect Symbols
Despite political rhetoric saying the opposite, the War on Religion might be turning into mutual respect on both sides

If Rick Santorum, candidate for the U.S. Republican presidential nomination, has brought anything to the forefront during his time in the spotlight, it is Read More »

“Made in USA” Could It Be?
A new Personal Care, Health and Beauty Park developed in New Albany, OH develops a concept to help the U.S. compete with Asia

For those of you who are waiting to read “Made in USA” labels on everything you buy, keep a look out because some new Read More »

Charging the Electric Car Market
Charging Station Wide
With massive financial loses in the electric car industry, there may still be hope for their future

March has brought beautiful spring weather to most of the United States, but electric car manufacturers have only gotten bad news. GM announced it was Read More »

Florian Peter Speaks at New York International Meetup
NY International Meetup
Mandalah New York and New York International Meetup sponsor event for potential entrepreneurs

Last week, Mandalah New York hosted a panel discussion on “Making It in NYC: International Entrepreneurs,” organized by the New York International Meetup group. Read More »