Mandalah’s CEO Florian Peter was featured in the latest issue of Business Punk, a modern business-lifestyle magazine from Germany. The article “Das Geschaeft mit der Zukunft” (The Futures Business) focuses on five future industries leaders, explaining their way of discovering relevant trends and how to implement them into business models as well as three personal prognosis of the future. The article classified Florian as “the strategist” who keeps tracks of current movements and translates patterns into business models for other cultures.

Business Punk Florian PeterThe first of Florian’s “Trends to Watch” is social recommendation, such as the customers reviews on sites like Amazon or Yelp. This trend is called “Curation Nation” and he sees that soon, more intelligent “Meta Recommendation Engines’ will be developed that are able to understand the user and predict which products and services they prefer. The second trend is innovation in retail. Small automatic vending machines (which, in a best-case scenario, would be energy independent through integrated solar panels) will advertise and sell products by recognizing the customer. This concept has already been developed with our client, Media Markt.  Finally, Florian noted that print is anything but dead: interactive 3D print media, on-demand printing and iPad apps as the a beginning of a merging process of mobile, web, and print that will shape the media world in 2012.