Mandalah’s very own Antonia Mann was featured in a GCI Magazine’s article, The Evolution of Innovation. Mann describes the need for products and packaging to be created according to the values and opinions of the consumer, noting that “It begins by looking at people’s behavior, habits, and attitudes at the beginning of the production chain and considers all elements involved in the production process rather than focusing purely on the end product.” The article also notes that companies should adapt to consumers’ increasing interest in¬† environmental protection and sustainability. Innovation has become a much more holistic concept, providing benefits for the ¬†individual, society, and the environment. For example, Lather, a beauty company that prides on being environmentally friendly, transitioned all of their product packaging to biodegradable and recyclable plastic. This change of packaging design promotes the values, missions, and intentions of the brand, and directly correlates with those of the environmentally concerned consumer. For more information about sustainability and innovation, take a look at the article, or contact us directly.