Mandalah Festival of Ideas BrazilMandalah, our partner agency based out of Brazil, has been heavily involved in planning the upcoming Festival de Ideias (Festival of Ideas, or FDI) in São Paulo. The festival is dedicated to developing a network between entrepreneurs, investors, and the general public in order to generate creative solutions to societal problems like urban mobility, natural catastrophes, and violence. To facilitate and encourage collaboration between these groups, Mandalah has created an online platform where anyone can submit their own solutions or remix ideas proposed by others. This isn’t just a feel-good exercise though: the best ideas will be presented at the festival in September, and the top three finalists will each win 10,000 reais (around US$6,200). Runners-up won’t be too disappointed—their ideas can be financed through crowd-sourcing or receiving funding from partner companies. So if you fala português, we invite you to submit your own idea!