We’re very proud and excited to announce that one of Mandalah’s founders, Lourenço Bustani, was just named as one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business (number 48, in fact).


Image courtesy of Fast Company

Bustani was selected for Mandalah’s history of work connecting international companies with Brazilian culture. Our strategy to position Nike during and after the upcoming 2014 World Cup was highlighted, which featured soccer tournaments and training for low-income families, as well as sponsoring local marathon runners. By creating long-lasting relationships with locals, Mandalah set Nike on a path that will lead to the ultimate goal of creating purpose and profit.

Of course, with offices in New York, Berlin, Tokyo, and Mexico City, Mandalah’s reach goes well beyond Brazil. We’re well-poised to help brands like Nike identify original, local ideas that can be exported to the rest of the world, as well as adapt to developing markets. Lourenço and the entire team here at Mandalah thank Fast Company for the chance to tell others about what we do, and hope we continue to inspire others for many years to come!