Last week was Internet Week in NYC. We took up the opportunity and visited some of the innovative panels. The buzz this year was all around:
1. Mobile: from location-based services to mobile advertising to augmented reality
2. Startups: NYC is taking center stage in Internet startups in the USA, coming in second place behind Silicon Valley in VC investment
3. Online Advertising: how to innovate online advertising in the age of Facebook

One panel that encapsulated this perfectly was the Yahoo! Provoke summit. It focused on a new breed of startups combining mobile and physical products to generate innovative marketing and advertising campaigns. To set the stage, Steven Johnson gave the keynote speech on his best-selling book, “Where Good Ideas Come From.” As an innovation agency, we love Steven’s take on innovation. He described how innovation is a process that requires co-creation and re-mixing of ideas. You can watch this beautiful presentation on the book and core ideas here.

The panelists that followed all agreed that it’s essential for companies to challenge their creative teams, agencies, and consultants to embrace new technologies and build on them. We encourage you to check out their innovative businesses and projects, as we know we’ll be keeping an eye on them:

Andrew Zolty, Co-Founder, BREAKFAST NY

Nathan Martin, CEO, Deeplocal

Vivian Rosenthal, CEO, GoldRun