With the effects of the recession still lingering in the US and Europe, many companies are hoping that the developing BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) will lead global economy into a full recovery. With that in mind, we keep a close eye on these markets with the help of Mandalah and our network of scouts. In India, for example, we’ve worked with Kaustav SenGupta and his team over at Ingene Insightson a variety of projects, and are pleased to now feature some of his work here on our blog on a more regular basis. In his most recent interview, he discussed his latest research on topics including:

- The three types of young Indian consumers
- How mobile phones give young Indians a sense of privacy
- Why Indian slang and local languages are making a comeback

We invite you to listen in below, and to contact us if your company is interested in learning more about trends in the Indian market.