We’re all guilty of it — the furtive wipe of your smartphone on a t-shirt. Needless to say a sweaty, dirty item of clothing that you’ve been wearing all day is far from the best tool for cleaning the smeared screen of your mobile device, and yet it’s such a natural thing to do.

Now fift, a small design agency, has come up with a solution that might just change the way our fashion and mobile devices work together in the future. Their “wipe T shirt” is, as the name clearly indicates, is a t-shirt made from special materials designed specifically to be ideal for cleaning your mobile phone or even glasses. Put away your handkerchief or spectacles cloth; just rub straight onto your chest!

Fift previously released the similar “wipe shirt” in 2009, a regular white collared shirt, but have now spent two years coming up with this improved sleeve-less version perfect for even the sultry summer months. The new product is available in two versions and essentially looks just like a normally t-shirt. There are three stripes across the front which apparently are meant to resemble car wipers.

Depending on your preference, either the top “stripe” or the bottom one can be utilized for your phone or glasses. If you are a smartphone fan you can choose the top-heavy version, and wipe your mobile on the upper stripe. On the other hand, the bespectacled among you will want the bottom stripe design. In the material there are microfibers 1/1000 the size of a human hair, and this aids you to clean the lens or screen respectively.

For some reason a t-shirt with both top and bottom “cleaning cloth” stripes is not available, which seems like a missed opportunity to multi-task. Otherwise the t-shirts appear ordinary enough, being made domestically from cotton, though the makers warn that colors and material features may change slightly if machine-washed.

The limited edition wipe T shirt is priced 6,300 JPY (about $81), available online, and comes in small, medium and large sizes, and two color patterns. Fift was founded in 2008 by a husband and wife team, and has made a name for itself with unusual lifestyle designer products.