Hashy Top-in e-Money band
Hashy Top-In has collaborated with Sony and Edy to create a new arm band with e-money functionality. The E-Money Band was released in September, priced 3,000 yen (about $36), and is a minimalist, colorful strap that goes around your wrist, and which can be used to pay for things using the FeliCa chip inside.

Available in black, white, pink, orange and green, the E-Money Band is aimed at runners and dog-walkers who do not want to take their wallet or small change around with them outside. Many of these people may already have the FeliCa e-money system integrated into their phones (“osaifu keitai”) but with this band they do not even need to carry their handset.

When they want to buy a drink from a vending machine, kiosk or store, they can simply hold the E-Money Band over the reader and make their purchase, as long as it works with Edy payment, the most wide-spread e-money system in Japan.

As with all Edy-integrated payment options, the band can be charged up at convenience stores with a limit of $600.

Running is a growing lifestyle activity in Japan, with applicants for the Tokyo Marathon increasing by 68% in 2009. This trend has led to Nike and Asics opening innovative new retail spaces in central Tokyo, and mobile devices and e-money are also adapting to meet the consumer demand. The band may be only single-function but for its price it is a useful tool for a consumer, plus it could also be integrated into watches in the future.