Convenience store chain Family Mart has gotten together with Itochu and subsidiary Famima to offer a new sampling service for members of top sampling website Luke 19.
family mart sampling kiosk
Stores like Family Mart already have in-store terminals where customers can purchase concert tickets, pay for things ordered online, make reservations and more. Using this same “FamiPort” terminal members of Luke 19 will now be able to log-on with their user ID and password, and then receive sample products immediately.

Luke 19 has around 500 thousand members and collaborations with over 950 companies. Members enter a “lottery” to win one of 100 available samples, which are customarily sent by post to their homes.

This new system removes the costs of the mailing as members can collect the samples directly in the Family Mart store. Further, now even members who do not win a sample in the lottery can receive a discount coupon, printed at the terminal.

Family Mart has some 8,000 stores in Japan and will start this new service from December. It aims to introduce some 20 samples per month, including drinks and sweets. When Luke 19 members collect their samples they will be asked to fill out a short survey and the organizers will also gather data on the kinds of other purchases the members bought during their visit to the store.