Conscious-innovation-launch-eventWe’d like to thank those of you who came to our conscious innovation launch on Wednesday the 6th. We at CScout and Mandalah really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, and meeting new ones, at our event, and we hope everyone had a great time as we announced the next steps in the partnership of our two companies and gave an outlook on our future endeavors. Representatives from our teams presented several case studies illustrating how our companies are helping to bridge the gap between profit and purpose and creating new products and services, communication strategies, and business models to positively affect the societies we live in. In the future, we will work even more closely together and commit ourselves to ensuring that the end result of innovation benefits the company, the consumers and the culture at large. And by further uniting our teams in New York, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, and Mexico City, along with our network of scouts, we’re ready to offer our clients even greater insight into established and emerging markets.

Of course, we had time for some fun, too: guests were encouraged to write inspirational sayings on our walls, and to enjoy food representing all four countries. We’ll be posting images from the event on Facebook, as well as keeping everyone updated on the status of the seeds you helped up plant. Again, thanks for joining as we all work towards making things better and making better things!