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Mandalah’s Antonia Mann Featured in GCI Magazine
Antonia Mann supports and explains the new trend of innovation being connected to a consumer driven and holistic approach.

Mandalah’s very own Antonia Mann was featured in a GCI Magazine’s article, The Evolution of Innovation. Mann describes the need for products and packaging Read More »

Disappearing Logos and the Future of Branding
Fluevog QR Logo
Luxury brands' use of QR codes calls into question the meaning of logos in a digital world

Few industries are as attuned to evolving consumer trends as fashion. Millions of dollars are spent every year in order to promote brands and Read More »

Stewards of the Environment Embedded in the Community
REI's relationship with the local community can serve as a role model for other companies

When you think of a national chain with 122 retail stores and $1.66 billion in sales, you probably don’t associate it with the words Read More »

Mobile Shopping Reinvents Holiday Shopping
Mobile Shopping
New apps and mobile sites are making gift giving cheaper and more efficient

For last-minute shoppers this holiday season, smartphones were the first item on their wish list thanks to time- and money-saving apps. The National Retail Read More »

Luxury Pet Purchases Reflect Changes in the “Family”
Pampered Pets
People are increasingly treating dogs like family

A recent video on “bark” mitzvahs—in which owners throw their canine a party for the second birthday—has attracted the attention (and scorn) of viewers Read More »

Mobile Payments Spreading in the US
Consumers get more options to pay by cash, credit, or phone

While doing our holiday shopping this season, we noticed that alternative forms of payment are starting to make their way into consumers’ everyday lives. Read More »

Promoting Brands with Popular Culture
Dragon Tattoo Meatpacking Shop
H&M and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" cross-promote brands at pop-up store

Brands have teamed up with famous individual designers or other brands for a while now, but Swedish retailer H&M taken this trend a step Read More »

Panasonic’s Female-Only Consumer Trial House
Panasonic designs the ultimate consumer trial house in Tokyo to exhibit the latest health and beauty products

Earlier this year, the ultimate female consumer trial space opened up in Tokyo: a whole house designed solely for ladies ages 20 to 35 Read More »

Pop-Up Shops in NYC’s Dirt Lots
Pop Up Tent NYC
A vacant space in SoHo is transformed into a unique retail opportunity

While walking around SoHo this afternoon, we noted that a someone had pitched a tent on what is usually a vacant dirt lot. A Read More »

Using Robots to Sell Luxury
A temporary exhibition in a high-end jewelry store uses technology to enhance luxury
A temporary exhibition in a high-end jewelry store uses technology to enhance luxury

Robots tend to be the domain of tech geeks or sci-fi fans, but it seems that they can be luxury showroom models too. That’s Read More »