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Mandalah CEO Published in Focus Yearbook 2012
Our very own Florian Peter has been published in FOCUS Jahrbuch 2012.

Florian Peter’s collaboration Trend-based Innovation – Leveraging Trend Analysis and Foresight for Innovation Development has been featured in this year’s Focus Yearbook.  The FOCUS Jahrbuch is Read More »

Experiential Ideation
post tom moore
Tom Moore from Mandalah São Paulo shows how “Experiential Ideation” can enrich collaboration and ideation processes within innovation.

All of you know the story.  Archimedes observed that the water level rose when he got into the bath.  He understood that the increase Read More »

Journalists Be Warned: Robots are Coming For Your Job
Robot Journalist-Featured
Narrative Science, an automated algorithm that curates data and writes an article, is another step in normalizing robots

In Futurama, a cartoon set 1000 years in the future, robots are common sights, performing a multitude of tasks, while also providing a lot Read More »

Dominos says No, while the People want Yes!
Dominos' recent "No" campaign goes against current consumer trends and may backfire on its previously successful campaigns.

From a company that recently relied on consumer insights and criticism to successfully reinvent and improve their pizza, Dominos Pizza is now taking a Read More »

Charging the Electric Car Market
Charging Station Wide
With massive financial loses in the electric car industry, there may still be hope for their future

March has brought beautiful spring weather to most of the United States, but electric car manufacturers have only gotten bad news. GM announced it was Read More »

All the Single Ladies (and Gentlemen)
Despite global economic struggles, more people are choosing to live alone, creating an entirely new social structure

Of all the trends we keep an eye on, this one hits closest to home: more and more people are choosing to live alone Read More »

Five Rules for Companies Navigating the Pinsanity
Understanding and appreciating your audience is key to encouraging fans to share your content

Since Google Double Click’s announcement that Pinterest was the fastest website in history to reach the 10 million viewers a month threshold, businesses have Read More »

Is “Open Journalism” the Future of News?
Open Journalism
With newspapers struggling to stay relevant in the digital age, UK's The Guardian proposes a more open style of reporting

On Leap Day last week, UK’s The Guardian, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, announced their new Open Journalism initiative with a rather intense, Read More »

So Bad, It’s Good: Repositioning Treats
healthy chocolate
Brands struggle to meet consumer’s desires for healthy and indulgent

The continued obesity crisis in the US perfectly illustrates consumers’ desires to have their cake and eat it too—literally. Americans are increasingly aware of Read More »

Nostalgia: Turning from the Present to Look to the Past
The Artist
Old concepts masked as new ideas are becoming more and more common, showing the general fear and unrest of contemporary life

If there was one theme during the Oscars this past weekend, it was “What’s old is new again.” (And we’re not just referring to Read More »