Category: Food & Beverage
Think Local, Drink Global: Beer Brands Go Native
Heineken Local vs. Global
Brewers show how even international companies can capitalize on the "buy local" trend

Consumers’ desire to bolster their local economy, as well as concern about environmental impact, have led to a resurgence in “buying local.”  Unfortunately for Read More »

Food bans: The solution to a healthier society?
Soda ban
Governments, companies, and individuals struggle to confront the obesity crisis

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has stirred up more controversy with a recent proposal banning sodas over 16 ounces. The reasoning behind the Read More »

Dominos says No, while the People want Yes!
Dominos' recent "No" campaign goes against current consumer trends and may backfire on its previously successful campaigns.

From a company that recently relied on consumer insights and criticism to successfully reinvent and improve their pizza, Dominos Pizza is now taking a Read More »

So Bad, It’s Good: Repositioning Treats
healthy chocolate
Brands struggle to meet consumer’s desires for healthy and indulgent

The continued obesity crisis in the US perfectly illustrates consumers’ desires to have their cake and eat it too—literally. Americans are increasingly aware of Read More »

Nostalgia: Turning from the Present to Look to the Past
The Artist
Old concepts masked as new ideas are becoming more and more common, showing the general fear and unrest of contemporary life

If there was one theme during the Oscars this past weekend, it was “What’s old is new again.” (And we’re not just referring to Read More »

To Promote Sustainability, Brands Must Commit
Marketing sustainability efforts is difficult, but can yield high rewards

While this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards featured plenty of exciting water-cooler moments—from finding out or telling someone who Bon Iver is to whatever Lady Read More »

Appealing to Millennials and Their Kids
Millennials and Children Coffee Shop
Generation Y is starting new families imbued with their own style and values

The Occupy Wall Street movement that began last year often touted its diversity, from disillusioned 20 year olds up to retired seniors. But there Read More »

American Manufacturing Dominates the Super Bowl Airwaves
GE Super Bowl Ad still 2012 1
With several Super Bowl commercials heavily featuring images and dialogue based on manufacturing, the American cultural moment is more caught-up in nationalism and job-creation than ever before.

The 2011 Super Bowl was the most-watched program in American television history, and 2012′s is primed to break the record with legal streaming to Read More »

Nissin Cup Noodle Museum Opens
A major new designer showroom space in Yokohama lets you get interactive with instant noodles in a very fun way

It looks more like MoMA than a museum dedicated to a perennial fast food. But Nissin’s Cupnoodles [sic] Museum, set to open in Yokohama’s Read More »

Reaffirming Mexican Identity in an Age of Globalization
Mescal Bar Mexico
Renewed interest in mescal demonstrates the desire to celebrate and distinguish Mexican culture

Whatever its merits and drawbacks, globalization has undeniably increased the uniformity between what were once distinct cultures. However, some societies are now starting to Read More »