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Twitter Removing Content but Increasing Transparency
Governments and online services compromise on information and control

The Internet has given more people more access to information than ever before—a fact that concerns governments around the world. European nations are censoring Read More »

Cutting the Cable: Experimenting with Switching to Streaming
Cable Cutting CScout
A personal account of the decision-making process

It’s no secret that American consumers have been dropping their cable subscriptions—pay TV providers suffered their worst decline ever in Q2 2011—in favor of Read More »

How Facebook Wants You to Write “Your Story”
Facebook Timeline
With the introduction of Facebook timeline, a new emphasis is being placed on writing “your story,” from beginning to end

Facebook is rolling out another mandatory design change in the coming weeks in the form of Timeline. This will dramatically change the presentation of Read More »

The Role of Co-Creation in Popular Culture
Star Wars Uncut
Fans use their own creative talent to remake the classics

Recent 3D remakes of legendary movies like the Lion King and Star Wars (coming soon to a theater near you) indicate consumers’ interest in Read More »

Disappearing Logos and the Future of Branding
Fluevog QR Logo
Luxury brands' use of QR codes calls into question the meaning of logos in a digital world

Few industries are as attuned to evolving consumer trends as fashion. Millions of dollars are spent every year in order to promote brands and Read More »

Gaming for a Better Life and Environment
New devices challenge users to improve their daily lives

The growing popularity of phones, tablets, and new technologies are developing an increasing trend in a gaming mentality amongst many consumers. But who says Read More »

3D Printing on Display at the New Museum
MakerBot Industries New Museum
MakerBot Industries showcases the potential of new technology

While visiting Carsten Höller’s “Experience” exhibit at the New Museum, we noticed something far more interesting: a display in the front window designed by Read More »

Mobile Shopping Reinvents Holiday Shopping
Mobile Shopping
New apps and mobile sites are making gift giving cheaper and more efficient

For last-minute shoppers this holiday season, smartphones were the first item on their wish list thanks to time- and money-saving apps. The National Retail Read More »

Start Ups, Campaigns Take a Second Look at SMS
Texting Rebound
Texting remains relevant for the majority of mobile users

“Merry Christmas” may not be the most inventive holiday greeting, but when the 22-year old Neil Papworth typed them into a computer and sent Read More »

Uncovering the Real Cool Japan — Part 5
Final part in our series on how Japan can sharpen its communications and regain relevance in the West

Over the last month in this series, we have attempted to offer up alternative strategies for rebranding Japan to the West. We have established Read More »