Last month, CScout hosted the first annual LaFutura in New York. Designed to unite professionals from the trend research, futures, and innovation consulting industry, the summit was an opportunity for attendees to take a day away from their work for clients (but only a day!) and focus on growing their own industry. The event was an outgrowth of last year’s La Futura, organized by TrendOne, in which 70 professionals from all over Europe gathered in Berlin to network and discuss common issues. The feedback was so positive it was decided to hold La Futura in both Berlin and New York, making it easier for more people to participate. So on 11/11/11, over 100 innovators gathered in the two cities to build momentum and take the first steps towards a more formal network. Here in New York, after a quick icebreaker, everyone was invited to write down topics they wanted to discuss under themes such as “Industry Standards” and “Pain Points.” Not surprisingly, people had a lot to say.

La Futura New YorkThe team in Berlin was then patched in for a live streaming cross-Atlantic introduction. In addition, TrendOne presented some of the attendees’ most promising ideas so that people in New York could continuing working on them throughout the day.

La Futura Berlin Video ConferenceThe rest of the day was spent breaking into teams and developing action plans to turn ideas into reality. Of course, there was also some time set aside for connecting over drinks! Thanks to illy, Sokenbicha, and Coedo for sponsoring the event, and all those who attended La Futura. Exciting developments are already in the works, and we’ll be sharing updates as the projects progress.