Author: Pooja Mehta in New York
Trashy is the New Classy
Artists are using their unique skills to take people's trash and make them into works of art.

The recent passing of Earth Day reminds everyone of how important recycling is. This year, however, unique and talented artists have brought a whole Read More »

Dominos says No, while the People want Yes!
Dominos' recent "No" campaign goes against current consumer trends and may backfire on its previously successful campaigns.

From a company that recently relied on consumer insights and criticism to successfully reinvent and improve their pizza, Dominos Pizza is now taking a Read More »

“Made in USA” Could It Be?
A new Personal Care, Health and Beauty Park developed in New Albany, OH develops a concept to help the U.S. compete with Asia

For those of you who are waiting to read “Made in USA” labels on everything you buy, keep a look out because some new Read More »

Five Rules for Companies Navigating the Pinsanity
Understanding and appreciating your audience is key to encouraging fans to share your content

Since Google Double Click’s announcement that Pinterest was the fastest website in history to reach the 10 million viewers a month threshold, businesses have Read More »

So Bad, It’s Good: Repositioning Treats
healthy chocolate
Brands struggle to meet consumer’s desires for healthy and indulgent

The continued obesity crisis in the US perfectly illustrates consumers’ desires to have their cake and eat it too—literally. Americans are increasingly aware of Read More »

Corporations and Customers Unite to Help the Unemployed
Starbucks Jobs Bracelet
Cause marketing campaigns have seen renewed interest in the ongoing global slowdown

The lingering unemployment and economic crises are flaring all over the world. While governments continue debating strategies and solutions, private corporations are taking it Read More »

Twitter Removing Content but Increasing Transparency
Governments and online services compromise on information and control

The Internet has given more people more access to information than ever before—a fact that concerns governments around the world. European nations are censoring Read More »

The Role of Co-Creation in Popular Culture
Star Wars Uncut
Fans use their own creative talent to remake the classics

Recent 3D remakes of legendary movies like the Lion King and Star Wars (coming soon to a theater near you) indicate consumers’ interest in Read More »

Mandalah’s Antonia Mann Featured in GCI Magazine
Antonia Mann supports and explains the new trend of innovation being connected to a consumer driven and holistic approach.

Mandalah’s very own Antonia Mann was featured in a GCI Magazine’s article, The Evolution of Innovation. Mann describes the need for products and packaging Read More »

Disappearing Logos and the Future of Branding
Fluevog QR Logo
Luxury brands' use of QR codes calls into question the meaning of logos in a digital world

Few industries are as attuned to evolving consumer trends as fashion. Millions of dollars are spent every year in order to promote brands and Read More »