Author: Felix Fritsch
An Education: Changing the Way We Learn
The bleeding edge of continuous education.

Our educational lifecycle is changing, for the better. Once upon a time, education was a very terminal thing. School was a fact of life. Read More »

Video Games and Co-Creation: Making Something out of Something
endless space cocreation user involvement has led to some great ideas
How video games are taking advantage of new forms of co-creation.

Video games, long a stilted, mostly one-way conversation between developers and users, have begun harnessing the power of social media to influence and improve Read More »

The Internet Paradox: Loneliness and You
adidas in the rabbit hole art communication barriers
How people are trying to bridge the loneliness gap

In one of the great ironies of life, the advent of the Internet, with all its social connectivity and instant gratification, also brought with Read More »

Consumers and Their Consciences: Shop Your Values Week
shop your values week advertisement pavement ad
With the end of Shop Your Values week, we look at a growing trend in consumer behavior

Shop Your Values week, which wrapped up yesterday, has brought attention to the concept of conscious consumerism. The event, spearheaded by Ethikus, provided incentives Read More »

Mandalah CEO Published in Focus Yearbook 2012
Our very own Florian Peter has been published in FOCUS Jahrbuch 2012.

Florian Peter’s collaboration Trend-based Innovation – Leveraging Trend Analysis and Foresight for Innovation Development has been featured in this year’s Focus Yearbook.  The FOCUS Jahrbuch is Read More »

Agents of trend: The curious properties of Co-ops
Co-ops are leading the way to a more social future, with help from the UN. Here's why.

The UN has declared 2012 the “International year of the Co-op”, heralding the beginning of a global focus on social-based business models- and rightfully Read More »