Author: Darrell Nelson in Tokyo
Uncovering the Real Cool Japan — Part 5
Final part in our series on how Japan can sharpen its communications and regain relevance in the West

Over the last month in this series, we have attempted to offer up alternative strategies for rebranding Japan to the West. We have established Read More »

Panasonic’s Female-Only Consumer Trial House
Panasonic designs the ultimate consumer trial house in Tokyo to exhibit the latest health and beauty products

Earlier this year, the ultimate female consumer trial space opened up in Tokyo: a whole house designed solely for ladies ages 20 to 35 Read More »

Uncovering the Real Cool Japan – Part 4
How can Japan's innovation become synonymous with Cool Japan? We explore the relevance of technology in Part 4 of our series

Over the weeks since posting the first in this series, we have had chance to speak and gauge reactions from a number of different Read More »

Robotic Guide Dog Leads The Way
Japanese technology company have developed a robotic guide dog that can even climb stairs.

Japanese technology manufacturer NSK have come up with a new concept aimed at helping the blind, a robotic guide dog. On display at this Read More »

Japan’s Top 20 Hit Products of 2011
Dentsu Inc. Japan’s largest advertising and branding agency have released their “2011 Hit Products in Japan” report.

Dentsu Inc., Japan’s largest advertising and branding agency released its “2011 Hit Products in Japan” report this week. The report from the company has Read More »

Uncovering The Real Cool Japan- Part 3
From Bowie's Ziggy Stardust costumes to Yohji Yamomoto's influential designs, Japanese fashion is the real "Cool Japan"

In the last few weeks, we have been exploring different topics that are aimed at revealing the true uniqueness that is Japan. While currently Read More »

Uncovering The Real “Cool Japan”- Part 2
Second in the five part series exploring the real "Cool Japan", looking this time at Japanese Architecture

Last week we discussed how Japan needs a helping hand when it comes to boosting the image of “Brand Japan” to the West. Unfortunately, Read More »

Japan Unveils World’s First Spherical Drone
Japan Spherical Drone
Japan's Ministry of Defense unveil Star Wars like flying sphere

A cross between something out of Star Wars and a UFO conspiracy theory video, Japan’s Ministry of Defense have recently unveiled their imaginatively titled Read More »

Uncovering The Real “Cool Japan” – Part One
A five-part series that explores just what it is that makes the country so unique

When crusty bureaucrats intervene with campaigns that are aimed at highlighting the cool side of a country to encourage tourism, it’s rarely a pretty Read More »

Mitsubishi Junior Design Award 2011
The very best of young Japanese designers submit their works to an undergraduate design award.

The 2011 Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Design Award winners were announced earlier this month, and feature some of the most promising and cutting edge ideas Read More »