According to Fujitsu, the domestic grey demographic (those 60 years and older) in possession of mobile phones is approximately 18.5 million (as of July 2010), half of which are Raku Raku Phones. Previously introduced, this category of mobile technology is targeted at seniors who find normal mobile phones difficult to operate and have been successful in appealing to its consumers with its simplicity, large buttons and text, and functions such as reading text messages aloud to the user.

The Raku Raku PC 3 is actually the third generation of its kind and has both a desktop and laptop version. Both keyboards have much larger letters, as well as supplementary buttons that instantly pop up windows to help the user with whatever problem they are experiencing (ie. there is a “romaji tutorial” button on the keyboard that, when pushed, a chart of how to romanize each character is shown). Even the mouse is made to be easier to click and scroll.

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One of its other main features is its ease to upload pictures taken from the user’s Raku Raku phone: they simply place the phone in a dock connected to the PC/Laptop with a USB cable, and press a single button when the application shows onto the screen. Surprisingly, all of the monitors are touchscreens, making it easier to use. It also has its own internet browser that allows users to search without using their keyboard.

Nikkei predicts that this product will have an immense success with the Japanese grey market and has a lot of potential, as certain adjustments could be made to accommodate users with who use computers for different purposes.

The Japanese grey segment is growing at one of the fastest paces compared to other countries and is expected to increase its proportion to 26% of the total population by 2015 and 35.7% by 2050. They are also expected to have a higher disposable income by then. As Fujitsu states, even if only 10% of the segment purchases this product, that would still be 100,000 sold. Although the next “older generation” will be replaced by those who are tech savvy, it shows how Japan still tries to accommodate Generation Xs or even the Baby Boomer generation.
Also, if the grey segment has access to the internet and other forms of “raku raku technology”, it will be much easier to market products to them, leaning away from traditional means of communication such as TV shopping.