“Fly Well. Discover More.”

Looking forward to boarding another trans-pacific flight at Auckland airport, we came across this strategically-located stand of 1ABOVE water – “the world’s first Aerotonic flight beverage”.
1Above Aerotonic Water for Flying
1ABOVE is water specifically formulated to help the body cope with the physiological demands of air travel. It is pure New Zealand water packed with nutrients, electrolytes, and polyphenol extracts to help you land more hydrated, less stressed and less fatigued, providing you with a good start to your next adventure or meeting.
1Above Aerotonic Water for Flying-1
1ABOVE1′s packaging is all about flying, too. The large cap of the tear-drop shaped bottle doubles as a cup with handle-slash-clip that hooks onto your bag or seat pocket, and quantities are sold according to the length of your flight. Given that the water is currently sold only in New Zealand’s Auckland airport, you can imagine that any quantity will be on the larger side. With thousands of international visitors converging on New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup in a few months, 1ABOVE could be clocking up some serious miles soon.

Pre-orders will soon be available through the 1ABOVE website. 1 litre costs NZ$6.50 (US$5.00).

Website: www.fly1above.com

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