Nike and Mandalah in Rio de Janeiro
A True Story of Real Brand Engagement
Excerpts from a case study on how Mandalah and Nike are bringing sport to Rio de Janeiro
Mandalah NY CEO to Speak at World Future Trends Summit
World Future Trends Summit
Conscious innovation a key theme at October conference

Summer may be gone, but we’re already thinking about heading back to the beach: Mandalah New York CEO Florian Peter will be speaking about Read More »

Reverse Innovation on the Rise
Brands test different strategies to maintain and grow market share in a struggling economy

More than 10 years ago, we learned from C.K. Prahalad that a fortune lies on the bottom on the pyramid: the world’s emerging middle Read More »

How to (Not) Market to Women
Pens and football provide contrasting case studies in marketing by gender

Two recent campaigns have shown the perils—and promise—of marketing to women. BiC’s new “Pens For Her” with their “elegant design” and thinner barrel (theoretically Read More »

Finding a Market for Failures
feature picture
If at first you don't succeed, try, try somewhere else

Last week, Google Africa launched its Gmail SMS service, which allows users to receive email directly to their phone. If you have a smartphone, Read More »

How to Compete with Online Retailers
Warehouses Online Shipping
Brick-and-mortar stores adapt to the evolving marketplace

Stop us if you’ve heard this story before: thanks to new technology, a new company starts selling goods remotely and delivers them right to Read More »

Think Local, Drink Global: Beer Brands Go Native
Heineken Local vs. Global
Brewers show how even international companies can capitalize on the "buy local" trend

Consumers’ desire to bolster their local economy, as well as concern about environmental impact, have led to a resurgence in “buying local.”  Unfortunately for Read More »

Bringing Back “Video Night” to Brooklyn
VideoFreeBrooklyn IndieGoGo
Video Free Brooklyn - The Return! DVD rental store shows appeal of physical media

Since being bought by New York film critic Aaron Hillis and his wife, Jennifer Loeber, Video Free Brooklyn, a small DVD rental store in Brooklyn’s Cobble Read More »

An Education: Changing the Way We Learn
The bleeding edge of continuous education.

Our educational lifecycle is changing, for the better. Once upon a time, education was a very terminal thing. School was a fact of life. Read More »

Be Kind to Each Other!
Thanks to some business-savvy social entrepreneurs, the returns on doing good and supporting others are suddenly getting better and better.

You may be one of the millions of viewers who felt disgust on watching the video of bus monitor Karen Klein being harassed by teenagers Read More »